Intensive driving course – Learn to Drive in a Shorter Time

What is an intensive driving course?

  • Intensive driving courses are a way of condensing weekly driving lessons into a shorter amount of time
  • For example, taking a one-hour driving lesson once each week would mean that it would take about 12 months before reaching the practical test standard.
  • An intensive driving course of 20 hours could be taken within a week and the driving test standard reached within 2/3 weeks, depending on a learner driver’s ability to learn something new.
  • The old name for an intensive driving course was a “crash course”. This is when the first driving lesson was taken on a Monday and a practical test the following Friday. Those types of courses are now only suitable for anyone who has had a lot of previous lessons or has already failed a driving test or two.
Intensive Driving Course & Driving Lessons
Driving lessons & intensive driving courses Perth & Blairgowrie

You can book a local driving lesson or an intensive driving course in Perth with Malcolm one of the most experienced driving instructors in the UK.
A one or two-hour lesson or an intensive driving course are available for booking.
An assessment lesson of one or two hours will be arranged if required to establish your readiness in order to take a practical driving test. An assessment driving lesson is not required though to book a regular lesson nor is it required to book an intensive driving course without a pre-booked practical test.

Intensive Driving Course

An intensive course of one day, two days or more is available according to the demand

Driving Lessons

Driving lessons can be booked on a weekly basis in either Perth, Blairgowrie, Coupar Angus, Scone, Balbeggie, Burrelton, Woodside, or Wolfhill.

Scottish Driving School established in 1987 in Perth

established driving school
Established driving school

First-class driving lessons & intensive driving courses for all stages of learner driver are available.

Whether you are a beginner, just getting to know how things work or have never driven before, I will suggest the right type of course for you and provide the level of training suitable to your requirements.

Experienced learner drivers who have failed a driving test and need a few refresher lessons will find a new way of looking at their driving skills as an invaluable way to pass their next test.

All driving lessons and courses are provided by myself, an experienced professional DVSA Approved driving instructor.

Scottish Driving School


Welcome to the self-education series of learning to drive safely. What is self-education? Self-education is about you taking control of your own learning to drive the programme. Your driving lessons are based on you taking responsibility for what you want to learn about driving a car. Then use your practical lessons plus theory training to maximum advantage.

Your attention will always be on the correct method to carry out any given task. The most important driving lesson any new driver has is in the first lesson. Starting driving lessons with the correct information and a good environment accelerates the learning process.

There are a lot of myths associated with learning to drive and passing a test. The self-education series has been created to dispel a few of the myths and show how easy driving can become once you become aware of a few easy-to-apply techniques.

Self-education learner driver training – intensive driving course

Go to -> Self-Education

  • Parallel parking
  • Reversing into a parking bay
  • Driving forward into a parking bay
  • Parking on the right
  • Show me tell me questions
  • SAT NAV training
  • Independent driver training
  • Changing gear correctly
  • Correct use of mirrors
  • Moving off using POSM
  • Turning corners using MSM
  • Uphill & downhill start
  • Complex roundabouts
  • Moving off at an angle
Perthshire quiet road for first driving lesson
Perthshire quiet road for first driving lesson

Basic car control taught from lesson #1

Before moving onto junctions.

As your confidence grows you will progress towards the more complex roads & traffic situations.

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