Driving Courses To Suit Your Needs

Intensive driving courses in Perth could be from a one day course (4 hours) depending on your experience. On average, learning to drive on an intensive course can save £100’s over the cost of taking weekly driving lessons. Our short 1, 2 or 3-day courses are designed for learner drivers who have failed a test or have had many recent good quality driving lessons. Intensive driving courses: 1-day (4hrs); One-week (20hrs); New Driver Course (20hrs). Request a course to suit your availability.

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Driving Lessons & Intensive Driving Courses

All intensive driving courses in Perth that are pre-paid and over 40 hours include a driving test. Due to the way the DVSA books theory and driving tests a theory test needs to be passed before a practical test can be booked. Driving lessons or an intensive driving course can still be taken without a theory pass though. The theory is only required to book a practical test.

To be successful in your aim to pass a driving test, you will need to take a few driving lessons with a professional instructor. For a new learner driver who has no previous practice, approximately 40 – 50 good quality lessons would be required.

How many lessons will you need?

The average new driver will need around 40 – 50 hours of tuition to pass a driving test the first time. Some drivers need less, and some will need more lessons. But what if your circumstance is not the average? You may have English as your second language; maybe you are an efficient person if you are an academic with little or no interest in a practical subject. Any of these plus a lot more personal circumstances would affect the number of lessons you might need.

The figure of 40 – 50 hours is an approximation based on the UK average.

The best way to have a better idea would be to book a trial lesson. A trial lesson is for two hours. Afterwards, you will see what is involved in becoming a good safe driver for life. If you have had previous driving lessons some time ago and are not sure which intensive course to book, a trial 2-hour lesson will take some of the guesswork out of predicting the course that might suit your needs.
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