Areas We Cover In Scotland – Perthshire

Driving Lessons, Door – to Door Service is Available in these areas

Areas we cover in Scotland
Areas we cover in Scotland
  • Perth
  • Blairgowrie
  • Scone
  • Balbeggie
  • Luncarty
  • Stanley
  • Coupar Angus
  • Wolfhill
  • Guildtown
  • Bridge of Earn
  • Forgandenny

All driving lessons are offered as door-to-door service in areas we cover, but for students who live outside of the Perth central area, meeting at an agreed location in Perth might be more beneficial.

A learner driver who is just starting out on their driving lessons, for example, lives in Blairgowrie then it would be OK to take their early lessons in Blairgowrie. Once the early stages of driving have been mastered, it would be in the student’s best interest to meet in Perth as all students will need to experience busier and more complex road layouts. The journey from Blairgowrie to Perth would take around one hour round trip. This means on a 2-hour lesson only one hour would be spent in Perth. When learning to drive from outside of Perth more lessons would be required than for students who start their lessons in Perth.

I just thought I would point that out, it’s no problem, but be prepared to take longer than you first thought your driving lessons would take before reaching driving test standard. Learn to drive advice

How Many Driving Lessons Will You Need?

Learner drivers cannot be stereotyped when estimating the number of lessons needed before they are driving at a suitable standard to pass a driving test. However, sometimes it’s nice to have an approximation of the number of lessons that will be required for costing purposes. From my experience a student who starts their lessons with no idea as to how many lessons they may need and are not concerned too much about the cost. They will take less time to learn and of course, it will cost them less. This is because they are totally focused on the learning process and not the driving test. This is really the key to saving money and becoming a safe confident driver. That is stay focused on the topic being taught, not the driving test.

When you book your lessons with the Scottish Driving School you are assured that you have the best learner driver tuition available, which is designed especially for the individual learner. I strongly believe that you are a unique person who deserves to be treated as the individual you are and not be stereotyped because of your gender or age. 

I have for this reason published an approximate guide to the number of lessons you might need. Some driving schools require you to book a specific number of lessons with the intention to pass a driving test regardless of your personal circumstance. This can cause a lot of stress when you don’t meet your expectations and end up taking a few tests instead of just one. Driving lessons should be looked upon as essential training to become a good safe driver. When you approach your training in this way the driving test becomes a lot easier for you than for those people who are only concerned about the test itself. The test does not make you a better driver, but the lessons do.


I am 60 years old, can I still learn to drive?

Age is no barrier to learning any new topic, including driving a car. If you have an open mind and plenty of enthusiasm then anything is possible.

My son is 16 years old, can he have driving lessons?

You can drive a car when you are 16 if you get, or have applied for, the enhanced rate of the mobility component of Personal Independence Payment (PIP). Otherwise, you would need to be 17 to learn to drive a car.

I am teaching my daughter to drive, she is 17, can I teach her on the motorway?

You can only drive on motorways if all of the following apply;

  • You are driving in England, Scotland or Wales
  • You are with an approved driving instructor
  • the car is fitted with dual controls