Would You Like to Learn Car Control in One Day?

Four hour intensive driving course

Book a four-hour intensive driving course in Perth Scotland and learn car control in one day. This course can be taken as a one day course or divided into two days. That would be two hours each day. Perfect for anyone who is short of time or just needs extra practice before a practical test. It’s also suitable for new learner drivers to start and get used to basic car control.

Basic car control is moving off without stalling on a flat road, uphill or downhill and stopping smoothly. Turning corners and navigating mini-roundabouts are all car control procedures. Changing gear without losing control of the car is also taught on this one-day intensive driving course. The car control course is based in Perth but pupils can be met in surrounding areas such as Scone, Blairgowrie, Coupar Angus, Guildtown, and Wolfhill.

One week intensive driving courses are also available

Established Perth Driving School

We are an established Perth driving school with over 44 years of helping learner drivers to gain their full driving licence. We specialise in providing intensive driving courses, especially for the very nervous learner driver. Contact Us about your four-hour intensive driving course by email. Or any other information such as availability and costs.

The four-hour intensive course

You can take the four-hour course Monday – Friday between 9.00 am and 3.00 pm finish and on Saturday subject to availability. Correct preparation before a driving test is essential if you want to pass. This preparation involves having enough quality time on your lessons and practising the right techniques.

Take a look at our essential reading test preparation page.

The page includes clutch control and foot pedals – for a manual gearbox shown as an A-B-C sequence. The page is part of our learning made easy tuition series.