One week intensive driving course for new drivers

One week intensive driving course

Perthshire quiet road for first driving lesson
Perthshire quiet road for first driving lesson

A one week intensive driving course in Perth, Scotland, help you pass your practical test sooner – perfect for nervous pupils. Nervous learner drivers can learn at their own pace on one of our intensive courses and help a new learner driver grasp the essentials of car control. The Scottish Driving School located in Perthshire provides a one-week intensive course.

Nervous pupils and beginner starter lessons are our most popular courses. Learn to drive in the quiet residential area of Perth. [Previous students have travelled from Australia, The Falklands, France, Spain, London, Manchester, USA, Edinburgh, Stirling, Glasgow, Inverness, Aberdeen, Shetland.]

River Tay Perth
River Tay Perth

This Scottish Driving School website shows helpful advice whilst learning to drive. Reading through the pages of this website whilst taking weekly practical lessons or one of our one-week intensive courses will produce outstanding results.

Scottish Driving School is an established professional local school of motoring based in Perthshire, Scotland [est. In Perth 1987, instructor teaching since 1977]. And specialise in the training of new learner drivers (especially those who are nervous).

Scottish Driving School one week intensive driving course will build confidence. Driving courses of this high standard produce safe, confident drivers for life.

A unique teaching technique helps all learner drivers to drive in such a way that they master the art of good safe driving for life a lot sooner than conventional learning methods. Which reduces the time it takes to pass a driving test. This process is achieved without compromising safety.

New Learner Drivers

New learner drivers are naturally nervous, and this is considered in early driving lessons. Quiet roads are used in the early stages, and every concept of moving the car from A to B is covered in great detail. Once your confidence builds, you will naturally move onto roads of moderate traffic.

When you are ready, complex traffic situations and understanding the right approach will reduce your stress levels. Stress is caused by not understanding what’s going on and what you have to do.

Overcoming stress and driving test nerves form an important part of our new driver training programme. Pupils who start as very nervous in the early lessons become very confident by their intensive driving course.

Why book an Intensive Driving Course

Booking an intensive driving course with the most experienced driving instructor in the UK is your road to success. All driving lessons are structured with the individual student in mind. You can book a test as soon as you are ready to pass.

Grow learning to drive model
Grow learning to drive model

Our high pass rate is due to how the driving course is structured to help you take your driving test sooner. The DVSA (driving test examining body) usually has a waiting list of candidates for a test.

Crash Courses

Intensive Driving Courses were originally called ‘Crash Courses’ and defined a specific learning method to drive. That method meant a new learner driver would have their first driving lesson on a Monday morning. You would then take the driving test the following Friday.

Driving schools that offered intensive driving courses often had up to three students at a time in the car. Each student would have approximately 20 minutes of practice before swapping over for the next student to have a go.

When you arrived on this page, you may have been looking for this type of course. Your Peer group or your understanding of intensive driving courses prompted you to search out ‘Pass Kwik’, ‘Learn to Drive in a week’, ‘crash courses’.

You may well still find some of these types of course, but they would now apply to learner drivers with some previous driving experience, rather than the beginner learner driver with little or no previous experience.

An Intensive driving course
For to-days Traffic

Intensive courses for to-days traffic volumes & the modern Driving Test calls for a different approach. There are not many empty roads to practice the first lesson on. A quiet road has to be found in a location suitable to keep lesson schedules on time, and pupils need to practice in a safe environment.

You can modify intensive driving courses to individual requirements, and here is a suggested possibility in ideal conditions:
The modern method of new driver training is to book a 5-day course (theory test pass is optional, not compulsory at this stage). You should, read The Highway Code to give you an overview of the road procedures.

To get started, all you will need is a UK Provisional Driving Licence and the enthusiasm to learn.

Get your Full Driving licence on an intensive driving course
Driving licence

Learn to Drive With Structured Driving Lessons

  1. One day, three day, 5 day, 7 day & two weeks or more driving courses
  2. Provide full easy to learn training methods
  3. You can book a residential driving course if you live outside of Perth
  4. Fast test booking service for students with experience
  5. Professional DVSA Approved Driving Instructor
  6. Specialist quiet road training for nervous pupils

Scottish Driving School

DVSA* Approved Driving Instructor
*DVSA [ Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency]
The Government body for approving drivers to become instructors.
Driving Instructor Code of practice

Preparing for your driving test is a key element in the outcome of the result. Poor preparation produces poor results. Quality preparation produces outstanding results.

Drive Safely And Confidently

This section is about the process of driving a car safely and confidently from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ rather than the driving tests aspects.

First of all, you will need to think a little differently than you would have done at school, college or university. Driving a car calls for alertness at all times, as the slightest lack of paying attention could result in an incident. Your previous educational experiences would not have had this element of risk.

When you get distracted at your computer or desk, there is no danger. Get distracted whilst driving, and you would be in trouble. Using a mobile phone is an obvious distraction, but there are many more.

Make passing your driving test the first time a reality, not a dream.

Car Controls

The cockpit drill is the first step you take before moving off. These checks are carried out for the safety of yourself, your passengers and other road users.
Always check the following;

  • all doors are properly closed, and the hand brake is on
  • the driving seat is in the best position, and you can see clearly in all directions and reach all the controls comfortably
  • the head restraint is in the correct position
  • the mirrors are clean and correctly adjusted
  • you and your passengers have their seat belts on
  • the gear lever is in neutral (if you’re driving an automatic, that the gear lever is in ‘P’ or ‘N’ and check the hand brake again
  • you have enough fuel before starting your journey

Completing these checks before moving off will ensure you are not distracted with adjustments whilst driving.

When taking driving lessons, you are investing in the wealth of experience of your instructor.

Clutch Operation

When taking driving lessons in the form of a structured training course with a professional driving instructor, learning would result from a deliberate and directed effort. The learning plan would include:

  • memorising important things;
  • understanding basic principles
  • learning how to do things
  • attitude development;
  • developing study skills;

Driver Coaching (previously called driving instructor)

Driver Coaching forms an integral part of a student’s development. Coaching is the most effective way to learn to drive rather than instructing (according to the DVSA).

Benefits of Coaching

  • the better rapport between coach and student is achieved;
  • potential saving in time and possible wasted efforts;
  • higher level of knowledge, understanding, attitude and skill;
  • better chance of passing the ‘L’ test the first time and accomplishing safe driving for life.
  • Structured driving lessons form the basis of good coaching practice.

Driving Lessons in Perth

Driving lessons are taken for one or two hours.  A  day course is for 4 hours taken as 2-hour sessions, and a short break is taken after 2 hours.
Weekly courses are be booked as required.
New learner driver recommendation
New learner drivers would achieve faster results by taking a one week course [Monday-Friday]. This would reinforce the routine required to change gear, stop & start on a hill, navigate roundabouts, deal with traffic lights, and manoeuvring around parked cars.
To find out about any of the courses we offer, please contact us with your requirements. You should book an assessment lesson for pupils who have had previous lessons and requires a quick test booking. New learner drivers would not need to have an assessment.

You Will Learn On an Intensive Driving Course…

How to become a safe confident driver –
1. Have regular professional lessons combined with structured learning to drive programme.
2. An experienced professional instructor is a must if you are to get the best out of yourself.
3. Learn to drive in a step by step process.
Why not contact us as I am sure we can help you.

In this first week of your course you will learn the following:

How to……..

  1. operate the car controls – gears, brakes, signals steering
  2. move away from the kerb safely on uphill, downhill and flat roads
  3. turn corners left & right
  4. navigate mini-roundabouts
  5. move around a parked vehicle
  6. meet traffic safely
  7. understand traffic light procedures
  8. Use a sat nav to navigate a quiet route
  9. park on the right-hand side of a road, then reverse
  10. parallel park