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Hi, my name is Malcolm and I have written this short bio to give you a better insight into Malcolm the DVSA [Driving Vehicle Standards Agency] Approved Driving Instructor [ADI].

After leaving a 15-year career as a car engineering designer in 1977 I was accepted by the British School of Motoring to become a professional driving instructor.

March 1977 I became a qualified approved driving instructor (ADI) working with BSM [British School of Motoring] as a franchised instructor.

Within the next 6 months, I founded the Birmingham School of Motoring. A driving school specialising in the training of “some very nervous learners from restricted backgrounds” to believe in themselves & to pass their driving test on their first attempt.

Within the following 5 years, I had trained suitably qualified drivers to become professional driving instructors either working for me or running their own driving school business.

Moving forward my driving school business expanded such that I employed another 4 instructors who I had personally trained.

A further 15 new driving schools were created by drivers that I had successfully helped to become qualified instructors.


Over 45 years  experience
in the driving school business

My tried and trusted approach is to break down complex topics into simple, easy to understand lessons that everyone can understand.
For the last 45 years, I’ve been teaching nervous drivers how to drive safely and pass their driving test for the first time.

We all have a unique personalities and I’m sure you will agree that we are not robots. So why would you need to be taught as if you were a robot? What I mean by becoming a robot is always doing tasks by numbers or fitting into a box that another robotic person has created. I believe in thinking outside of the box using intelligent original thought based on the facts at that time.
I look at the learning needs of each pupil and adjust their lessons to suit their uniqueness. For example, some people like to be told what to do, whilst others learn better by example.

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The training of qualified drivers to become fellow ADIs was a core part of the driving school business.

Opportunities were created for the best instructors to work with me.

After running a successful business for 10 years, the UK’s largest driving school – the  British School of Motoring made an offer to purchase my driving school because I was now in competition with them.

As part of the deal, I was offered any position in the company I wanted to be based in the UK or Gibraltar. From area manager to branch manager. I chose to stay on as an instructor though.

I chose Dundee as my preferred location.

In March 1987 I founded the Scottish Driving School.


Core Values

My core value is being honest with our students about the progress of their training. Offering the best advice for their training requirements and taking them towards a driving test pass.

I neither recommend weekly driving lessons nor intensive driving courses. Each student is treated as unique in their preferred method of learning.


Code of conduct

I abide by the DVSA code of conduct guidelines. Including the provision of a comfortable learning environment for all pupils.

Being honest about a student’s progress and recommending the best course of lessons for their needs.

Whilst we are still in a COVID situation I will ensure the driving school car is sanitised before each student starts their lesson.

Learn to drive in Scotland

Learn to drive in Scotland and you will be able to focus on your early lessons on quiet roads.

As you build your confidence you will progress onto some of the busier roads.

Starting learning to drive a course of lessons in Perth provides one of the quietest environments possible in the UK.

This allows you more time to concentrate on your new task of learning to drive.

You can practice in the traffic once your confidence builds.


I specialise in the training of pupils who are already nervous, to believe in themselves & to pass their driving test with confidence first time.

Personal development courses since 2002 have been a regular part of my life, & believe that every day is a “school day”.


Intensive driving courses are provided as well as individual driving lessons.

Each new learner driver has its own requirements.

Some pupils are best suited to individual lessons whilst others prefer to have a concentrated effort over one or two weeks.

I provide both types of learning to drive programmes.

Learn to drive in beautiful Perthshire Scotland.

River Tay Perth
River Tay Perth

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Write your name, email address and the type of lesson or course you require.

Let us know your approximate location i.e Perth, Blairgowrie etc.