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Self Education
Self Education

Self-Education learning to drive is one way a learner driver can save a lot of money and time. Videos and online tuition are the latest way to learn a new subject. Learning how to drive whilst away from the stresses of being on the road.

On this page are a few of the resources and self-education tips and advice you can access. Helping you learn to drive a car in the comfort of your home.

Learning to drive has traditionally been carried out in the car 95% of the time, with a quick read of the Highway code. The role of the driving instructor was to teach you how to actually drive the car, together with the rules of the road and specifically how to pass a practical test.

Now moving into the 21st-century, learners can self-educate themselves alongside their practical lessons, in the comfort of home, away from the stresses of other road users.

self-educaton series Highway Code blindspot check
Highway Code blindspot check

When you know the theory of driving and the road rules, you will become more confident. Also, have the best chance to pass your test the first time.

Whilst writing this page, on 25th May 2021, the waiting list for a driving test is now 3/6 months nationwide and 3 months in Perth. All due to the 12-month lockdown because of COVID.

Driving schools are busy at the moment, so you may not be able to have all of the lessons you need. Self-education is a cost-effective way to achieve your goal with the least amount of stress and worry.

Learning To Drive Self-Education

Learning to drive Scottish Driving School YouTube Channel

How to drive around Broxden roundabout video and pass your test.

Learn to drive Broxden Roundabout Perth

Synchronicity Video

The second video is a Scottish Driving School trailer video about a book I have authored during the pandemic. Not exclusive for learners but for anyone who is going through any stressful situation.

The video is 1.08 minutes long and is about the book “Synchronicity- A beginners Guide to Spiritual Coincidences.” The book is suitable for anyone going through a difficult time and wonders what life is all about.

The book can be purchased on Amazon as a Kindle or paperback, and the details are found here: Amazon Book Details.

Synchronicity Moments

The Top Ten Reasons for Failing a Driving Test

The DVSA published a list of the top ten reasons for failing a driving test. You can view the list here.

Self-Education Observations at roundabouts

self-education observations at roundabouts
Observations at roundabouts

Read more on observations at roundabouts

Effective observations at road junctions

Take effective observations at road junctions

The top reason for failing a driving test

Self-Education Learn Parallel Parking

Learn parallel parking the easy way……….. page ->2

Show Tell Questions

Here is the Show Tell Questions that the examiner will ask on your practical test. Full list including under the bonnet view of the driving school car.

Safe Driving for Life

Safe Driving for Life is a DVSA website that offers abundant helpful information for learning to drive. The site includes free practice tests for all learners.