Learn More With A One Day Intensive Driving Course In Perth

One Day Intensive Driving Course in Perth, Scone, Coupar Angus & Blairgowrie

One day intensive driving course in Perth. Ideal for boosting your driving lessons before a driving test. New drivers can use a one day course to get their lessons off to a flying start.

While the lockdown was in force, we have been busy re-organising how the first driving lesson is booked. All you need to do is contact us either by email or using our contact form letting us know your requirements and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Driving licence
I Passed My Driving Test

Browse the website and see how we can help you to pass your driving test. Once you are happy to entrust your driver training to us, you look at the booking appointment schedule, fill in your name and contact details pay the small deposit to book your first lesson (pay the balance on the day of your lesson). We will send you a lesson confirmation immediately and a follow-up message to request your preferred pick-up location within 24 hours.

Please note your confirmation message will state Perth centre as the location. This is the default and can be changed once we send the follow-up message.

Because we are busy after COVID, it’s best to book the time slot you want first. Pay a small deposit & then we can get back to you as soon as possible to confirm the type of lessons you require. With this system, you can be confident that you have a lesson that suits your needs without waiting for a reply by email or phone.

This saves time for yourself and provides more time for your instructor to attend to your requirements. A full refund of your deposit will be made if we can’t meet your needs.

Please make sure you can take your driving lessons from Perth, Blairgowrie, Scone & surrounding areas, though.