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Are You Ready To Pass Your Driving Test First Time?

Success - are you ready to pass your driving test?
Success is based on knowledge – then apply that knowledge

Are you ready to pass your driving test first time? You might think you are because you can drive around roads you know well, on a quiet evening, or a Sunday afternoon. But on the driving test the roads will be busier. There will be more buses stopping and starting, possibly children coming out of school and more lorries/vans delivering. How confident are you in those situations that you have checked your mirrors at the right time and signalled if necessary before changing direction. Have you changed gear at the right time to save fuel – this is part of the eco friendly driving test category?

Check When You Are Ready To Take Your Driving Test

  1. You do not need prompts from your driving instructor.
    Dealing with every part of driving consistently and independently – without any prompting from your instructor.
  2. You do not make silly mistakes when you are driving.
    You need to be a good driver to pass the driving test.
    If you are making silly mistakes that are dangerous or potentially dangerous during your driving lessons, you are not ready to pass your driving test and drive on your own.

    The top 10 reasons people fail the driving test.
  3. You pass a mock driving test.
    Many people who fail their driving test incorrectly think it is because they were marked too harshly. It’s actually because they did not realise the standard that’s needed to pass.
    Taking and passing mock tests with your driving instructor will help you understand how the marking works and if you are ready to pass.
  4. You can control your nerves.
    Controlling your nerves is a really important skill for driving safely.
    Make sure you have got a plan in place to manage your nerves when you take your test.
  5. Your driving instructor agrees you are ready.
    If your driving instructor says you are not ready to take your test, listen to them. They have a lot of experience to share with you about the standard required to pass.

You’re ready to take your driving test when you can drive safely and follow The Highway Code without any prompts from your instructor, while keeping your nerves under control.

Mark Winn, Chief Driving Examiner

53 out of every 100 driving tests were failed between January and March 2022 in the UK.

If you are not ready to pass, it is best to move your test back. It is the best way of getting your independence and freedom as soon as possible.

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