Book a Driving Test Before You Are Ready

Over the years, I have advised learner drivers to only book a driving test once they are ready. Times have now changed due to Lockdown and COVID restrictions that apply to all driving tests and lessons. For the first time ever I am now suggesting a test should be booked before lessons even start in some cases.

The test waiting times in the UK are at an all-time high of around 12-18 weeks. I am now offering a special service to anyone who wants to learn to drive in the Perth area of Scotland.

Book a Driving Test Before You Are Ready

Once you have passed your Theory Test let me know and I will book a driving test for you at the Perth Driving Test Centre. Once booked I will help you work out a course of lessons that will prepare you for your test date. The lessons can be weekly or a condensed course of lessons similar to an intensive driving course.

Depending on your personal circumstance I will arrange a 2-hour assessment lesson with you and we can discuss the type of learning programme that will prepare you for the test date.

I have always been taught by the policy of there is only a plan ‘A’ and a plan ‘B’ would only dilute plan ‘A’ and if you put all of your energy into plan ‘A’ plan ‘B’ will never be needed.

Driving Lessons or Intensive Driving Courses which is best?

The way you prefer to learn how to drive is down to the individual. Some people prefer to learn over a shorter time and others prefer weekly driving lessons. It doesn’t really matter so long as it suits the individual student.

But one type of learning has a very low pass rate and is highly stressful. That is taking an intensive driving course immediately before a driving test if you have not had a lot of previous recent driving lessons. It is recommended that on average learning to drive requires 47 lessons with an instructor plus private practice. Taking the full 47 hours immediately before a test is asking for trouble

Learning to drive should be a none stressful situation where learning is the key point, not getting stressed out.

Special time Limited Offer

Provided you have passed the theory test I can book a driving test for you at Perth Test Centre which may well be some time away, although there are sometimes cancellations available. Prior to booking, we can discuss your previous driving history if any plus the learning to drive programme that would suit your needs.