Learner Driver Fined

A learner driver fined whilst on their driving lesson. And was caught driving at 36 mph in a 30 mph speed limit zone. They had only taken 12 previous lessons and pleaded that they had not noticed her speed increase.

They were given the option to either have 3 penalty points added to their licence. Or take a one-day driver education course. The course would cost £110.

Mobile phone in car
using mobile phone in car

Her driving instructor had no part to play in the ‘eyes of the law’.

Advice to all learner drivers 

According to the law, from the very first lesson. All drivers are responsible for the safety of themselves and other road users. How many new drivers are aware of that law!

Driving instructors should mention this in the first lesson and even subsequent lessons that the instructor’s role is giving directions and tutoring advice. The learner’s role is to drive safely and paying attention at all times to the road ahead.

Driving Examiners are not responsible

During a driving test, the driving examiner will be using a Tablet to record driving faults. When you take your driving lessons, your driving instructor cannot use a Tablet to record your effort during a mock test.

The difference between an examiner’s role against an instructor’s role is that the examiner is not a supervisor in the eyes of the law. He becomes an independent observer not responsible for any actions a test candidate might make.

I have seen driving school cars return after a driving test with damage to the car. The examiner could have taken action but chose not to do so because it was not a life or death situation.

If you are about to take your test or have a test cancelled by your instructor, you now know the reason why