New Driving Test on the 4th December 2017

A new driving test on the 4th December 2017 is being introduced by the DVSA. All learner drivers will need to pass this test in order to gain their full driving licence.

Drivers will be expected to answer safety questions whilst on the move. The reason is to see if the driver is distracted by either the talking of a passenger (the examiner), or the action of say, operating one of the car controls, such as the heated rear window switch.

The reverse around the corner will be replaced with a parking exercise of entering a parking space whilst reversing, and/or reversing out of a parking space.

Using a sat nav on the new driving test

The 10 minutes of independent driving that is in the present test will be replaced with 20 minutes of independent driving using a sat nav.

sat nav on new driving test December 2017
Sat nav [courtesy Getty images]

The DVSA carried out a public consultation and 71% of the 4,000 people contacted, agreed that asking candidates to follow a route using a sat nav would be a good idea.

88% of those surveyed agreed with increasing the length of the independent section of the test, whilst others agreed to changes in the reversing manoeuvres and show me questions.

Make sure your driving test goes ahead

RAC Foundation director Steve Gooding said:

“We are very supportive of the revisions DVSA is making to the practical driving test, which will mean candidates undergo a far more realistic assessment of their readiness to take to the road unsupervised.
“Much has changed since the first driving test was taken in 1935, and it must be right that the test evolves, just as the cars we drive are themselves changing to incorporate ever more driver assist technology such as inbuilt sat nav systems.
“Novice drivers need to demonstrate the right skills and driving style to cope with the new environment.”

Steve Gooding

Read more on the DVSA website about Driving test changes: 4 December 2017