Pass driving test Perth first time

To pass your driving test in Perth, Scotland, with no driving faults might seem quite a challenge. You might think that nobody can do that, except the odd learner driver who has all the luck! If that’s the way you are thinking right now, do you also believe that owning your own profitable business is luck? Or maybe having a better job is lucky? If you do think that way, then you will not be that learner driver who passes their driving test with no faults. A mindset change has to take place. Looking at your own misfortunes in life will carry forward to your driving test. Forget what you think others might be doing and focus on your own outcome.

Driving lessons and Stress
Pass Driving Test First Time

Successful strategy

A successful strategy needs to be put into place before any test can be passed. Maybe you have taken over 30 hours of driving lessons and think that it will be enough hours for you to get your full licence. Maybe! But the number of completed is not the whole story. Suppose those thirty hours were taken on quiet roads in the evening or weekend in a location other than Perth. The time of your test is Friday lunchtime, and the examiner decides to take you towards some busy roundabouts, of which you have had very little or no experience of driving around. I wonder if maybe your driver training strategy is not quite right to pass a driving test under those conditions.

Number of driving lessons

Apart from the number of driving lessons you have taken, you will need to consider the quality of those lessons. What is meant by that; is, did you understand the advice your instructor gave to you, and then implement it successfully? While out practising, were you on roads that had challenges for you to overcome? Did you overcome them successfully, or would you have liked more time? Were you nervous about traffic lights, especially when the green and appears to change to amber suddenly? Traffic lights don’t suddenly switch to amber, they change all day long. The fault here is that you are not paying attention enough to your surroundings. Well trained pupils are taught that the changing colour of a traffic light is not the reason for an emergency stop.

Pass driving test Perth city with no faults

Pass driving test – car control

Once the practical side of car control has been mastered, and the rules of the road understood. The most challenging part has to be practised – that’s dealing with your emotions. Emotion in this situation is a state of mind, which brings us back to the first part of this article. It’s a state of mind that determines how successful you are in any task you do. If I were to say to you “What is the most important part of your driving test?” You might answer that it’s for you to pass first time with no driving faults. That’s the wrong answer. The most important part of a driving test is the element that you are doing in any given moment. It’s called concentration on the “NOW”. A no-fault result requires total concentration at every step of the way, and that takes the right mental attitude.

Here is the best strategy to Pass driving test Perth with no faults with no driver errors.
1) Take first-rate lessons Monday-Friday daytime.
2) Understand the rules of driving – this is a great confidence builder
3) Take control of your mind, do not let it wander onto anything except the section of road you are driving on. Wondering whether you are going to pass or fail is an unnecessary distraction. The result will take care of itself if you concentrate on the drive. Why does your mind wander whilst driving? You can learn to control your nerves and your mind more easily on an intensive course.