Fast Track Driving Test

Fast track driving test booking service with an intensive driving course now available. Learning to drive at one lesson each week will take the average person a year or more before they would be ready to pass a driving test. Fast track learning to drive and driving test booking service can mean its possible to learn to drive and pass a driving test within the month.

Fast Track Driving Test

Once an intensive driving course has been completed a driving test would normally follow. Sounds good, but there is always a waiting list for driving tests. This can be anytime from 6 to 9 weeks which could mean more lessons are needed.Fast track driving test

Do you need to learn to drive and pass a practical test as soon as possible because of the offer of a job? Need to be independent of public transport? At the Scottish Driving School we now offer a Fast Track Booking Service for students who are ready to take their driving test. There are no shortcuts to learning to drive. Why wait for a driving test if you are ready to pass?

A Fast Track Driving Test does not mean taking a test before you are ready.

It means taking a test as soon as you are ready.

Learning To Drive

Learning to drive for new pupils can be a nervous experience. Learning to drive on the quiet roads of Perth on either one of our residential courses, or weekly intensive courses can be made less stressful. Once your confidence grows you will be ready to move out into the traffic. Our modern driver training methods ensure that you will be able to cope in traffic more than you could ever imagine.

Once you are ready and eager to take your practical test we avoid the long waiting list and get you a test, sometimes within 3 days. Why wait if you are ready to pass?