Nervous Learner Drivers Can Pass First Time

Nervous learner drivers can pass first time & become more confident by following a few principles.

Question: Why do so many nervous learner drivers fail their driving test because of

learner driver coaching
learner driver coaching


Before you answer the question lets take a look at the following:

If a learner driver can…..

  1. Understand the rules of the road more than just passing the theory test.
  2. Know how to control the car in every situation – fully understand the controls & their operation Check out the foot controls
  3. Read the road situation at every opportunity. Reading the road means understanding the other road users, who they are (driver, pedestrian, cyclist, motorcyclist etc) and what they are either doing, or you anticipate what they might do.
  4. Understand the correct process for  a) Driving away from the kerb, b)Correct use of mirrors, c)Correct use of signals, d) Correct use of gears – [thoughts: You may know how to signal, but when do you actually signal? This alters according to where you are. You may know how to look in a mirror, but do you know how to act upon what you see?
  5. Dealing with other drivers at a crossroad when you both arrive from opposite directions at the same time. What about approaching a mini-roundabout which has a road to your left & right together with a road straight ahead; you arrive at this roundabout the same time as 3 other cars on these other roads. Who has priority?
  6. On your test the examiner is seen to be writing on his report sheet. Does this distract you because you think you have failed?
  7. Do you think on your test what the examiner might be thinking, or do you just get on with the drive?

If you are reading this as a learner driver who has failed their driving test because of nerves, maybe you recognise a few of these points.

Nervous Learner Drivers Can Pass First Time

In answer to the question “Why do so many learner drivers fail their driving test because of ‘nerves’? ”

Short answer: Because of a lack of understanding of the basic principles. Understanding the basic principles of any topic you are being examined on will always reduce exam nerves. Confidence comes from knowing your topic well.

If you know your topic well, you will still have nerves, but they will not show up in the way you drive. Focusing on the drive and all of the procedures you need to carry out, will stop the nerves from showing.

We offer one week intensive driving courses as a means of re-enforcing these principles. An intensive course though, is not the answer to overcoming test nerves for new drivers, in fact in can do the opposite. Our intensive courses are carefully balanced to help the individual student & an intensive course is a great way to boost confidence when used correctly.